10 Differences and Similarities Between Pixies and Fairies

Pixies and fairies are both mythical and folkloric creatures that have wings and magic, but they are not the same. They have different origins, appearances, personalities, and powers that distinguish them from each other. However, they also share some common traits and characteristics that make them both fascinating and enchanting. Here are 10 differences and similarities between pixies and fairies:

10 Differences Between Pixies and Fairies


Pixies are mainly found in British folklore, especially in Cornwall and Devon. They are believed to be pre-Christian spirits of nature or the souls of unbaptized children. Fairies are found in folklore across Europe, and have various origins depending on the culture. They are sometimes considered to be demoted angels, pagan deities, demons, spirits of the dead, hidden people, or elementals.


Pixies usually have colored skin and hair, ranging from blue to green to red. They also have pointed ears and wings similar to butterflies. They are shorter than fairies, standing at about 4 inches tall134. Fairies resemble humans in appearance but can vary in size from diminutive to human-sized. They may or may not have wings, depending on the type of fairy.


Pixies have powers that are related to bringing blessings or curses to people they like or dislike. They can bestow wealth, intelligence, kindness, or misfortune to humans. They can also make themselves invisible or change their shape. Fairies have powers that are related to influencing the more esoteric aspects of the world, such as dreams, emotions, seasons, or fate. They can also shapeshift into animals or humans.


Pixies are mischievous and playful beings who love to prank and tease humans. They are generally benign, but can be malicious if offended or insulted. They are also fond of dancing and music. Fairies are gentle and kind beings who often help humans in need. They are also loyal and protective of their friends and allies. However, they can be vengeful and cruel if betrayed or harmed.

Area of dwelling

Pixies are usually found in gardens, woods, fields, or moors. They prefer natural settings where they can be close to plants and animals. Fairies can be found in various places, such as hills, forests, lakes, or oceans. They have their own realm called Faerie, where they live in palaces or courts.

10 Similarities Between Pixies and Fairies


Both pixies and fairies have wings that allow them to fly. Their wings can be different in shape and color, but they are usually delicate and beautiful.


Both pixies and fairies have magic that they use for various purposes. Their magic can be beneficial or harmful to humans, depending on their intentions and relationships.


Both pixies and fairies can have either gender, although fairies are more often depicted as females than males. They can also fall in love with each other or with humans.


Both pixies and fairies are connected to nature and its elements. They respect and care for the environment and its creatures. They can also communicate with plants and animals.


Both pixies and fairies are considered to be beautiful and attractive beings. They have a charm and grace that captivates humans and other creatures.


These are just 10 of the many differences and similarities between pixies and fairies. Whether you prefer the cheeky pixies or the gentle fairies, you can appreciate their unique qualities and features that make them both wonderful and magical.

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