Top 10 River Conservation in the US : You Should Know

Rivers are not only natural resources but also natural treasures that need to be protected and preserved for the benefit of current and future generations. However, rivers face many threats from human activities, such as pollution, overuse, diversion, climate change, damming, and channelization. These threats can degrade the water quality, quantity, and flow of rivers, affecting their ecological functions and services. Therefore, river conservation is a crucial issue that requires collective action and cooperation from various stakeholders, such as governments, organizations, communities, and individuals.

Top 10 River Conservation in the US

In the US, there are many organizations that work to conserve rivers and their watersheds. Some of them are:

  • American Rivers: Founded in 1973, American Rivers uses a combination of national advocacy work and boots-on-the-ground fieldwork in their mission to protect wild rivers, restore damaged rivers, and conserve clean water for people and nature. They also lead the National River Cleanup program, which mobilizes volunteers to remove trash from rivers across the country.
  • American Whitewater: Founded in 1954, American Whitewater is a national nonprofit organization that represents whitewater enthusiasts and advocates for the preservation and protection of whitewater rivers. They also promote responsible river recreation and stewardship, as well as provide information on river access, safety, and conservation.
  • Friends of the Yampa: Founded in 1981, Friends of the Yampa is a grassroots organization that works to protect and enhance the environmental and recreational integrity of the Yampa River and its tributaries in Colorado. They also educate the public about the importance of the river and its role in sustaining the local economy and culture.
  • Grand Canyon Trust: Founded in 1985, Grand Canyon Trust is a regional conservation organization that works to protect and restore the Colorado Plateau, including the Grand Canyon and its watershed. They also collaborate with Native American tribes, local communities, businesses, and government agencies to find solutions for sustainable land use and development.
  • Idaho Rivers United: Founded in 1990, Idaho Rivers United is a statewide nonprofit organization that works to protect and restore Idaho’s rivers and native fish. They also advocate for sound water policies, promote river recreation and education, and support local river conservation efforts.
  • International Rivers: Founded in 1985, International Rivers is a global nonprofit organization that works to protect rivers and the rights of communities that depend on them. They also oppose destructive dams and promote sustainable alternatives for water and energy needs.
  • Rogue Riverkeeper: Founded in 2008, Rogue Riverkeeper is a regional nonprofit organization that works to protect and restore water quality and fish populations in the Rogue River Basin in Oregon. They also monitor water quality, enforce environmental laws, educate the public, and engage in policy advocacy1.
  • Trout Unlimited: Founded in 1959, Trout Unlimited is a national nonprofit organization that works to conserve, protect, and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. They also mobilize anglers, volunteers, partners, and staff to implement science-based conservation projects.

These are just some of the many organizations that are dedicated to river conservation in the US. They rely on donations, memberships, grants, partnerships, and volunteers to carry out their work. By supporting them or getting involved in their activities, you can help make a difference for the health and future of America’s rivers.

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