Top 10 Reasons Not to Move to Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state in the south-central region of the United States, known for its rich Native American heritage, diverse landscape, and friendly people. But is it a good place to live? Not everyone thinks so. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to avoid moving to Oklahoma.

Top 10 Reasons Not to Move to Oklahoma

1. The Weather

Oklahoma is notorious for its extreme and unpredictable weather. From tornadoes to earthquakes to ice storms, you never know what Mother Nature will throw at you. Oklahoma holds the record for the largest tornado ever recorded, with a width of 2.6 miles and winds of 302 mph[^1^][1]. It also has the highest number of earthquakes in the world, with more than 900 in 2015 alone[^2^][2]. And don’t forget about the scorching summers and freezing winters, which can make you sweat or shiver depending on the day.

2. The Taxes

Oklahoma is not a tax-friendly state for residents. It has one of the highest combined state and local tax rates in the country, at 8.92% on average[^3^][3]. It also has high property taxes, gas taxes, and cigarette taxes. And if you’re thinking of retiring in Oklahoma, you might want to think again. Oklahoma taxes most forms of retirement income, including Social Security, pensions, and IRAs.

3. The Education

Oklahoma is not a great place for education, either. It ranks among the lowest states in terms of spending per student, teacher pay, graduation rate, and test scores. Oklahoma also has a shortage of qualified teachers, due to low salaries and budget cuts. Many schools have resorted to four-day weeks, larger class sizes, and outdated textbooks to cope with the situation.

4. The Landscape

Oklahoma is mostly flat and boring, with few natural attractions to offer. The state is dominated by prairies, plains, and farmland, with little variation or scenery. Oklahoma has no mountains, no beaches, no forests, and no waterfalls. The only exception is the Ouachita Mountains in the southeast corner of the state, which are more like hills than mountains. If you’re looking for some outdoor adventure or beauty, Oklahoma is not the place for you.

5. The Food

Oklahoma is not known for its cuisine, either. The state’s food culture is heavily influenced by its Native American and cowboy roots, which means a lot of meat, potatoes, cornbread, and fried food. Oklahoma’s state vegetable is the watermelon, which is technically a fruit. And don’t expect to find any seafood or ethnic diversity here. Oklahoma’s culinary options are limited and bland.

6. The Sports

Oklahoma is obsessed with college football, especially the rivalry between the University of Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. If you’re not a fan of either team, you might feel left out or unwelcome in this state. And if you’re looking for some professional sports action, you’ll be disappointed too. Oklahoma only has one major league team, the Oklahoma City Thunder in basketball. And they’re not very good.

7. The Culture

Oklahoma is a conservative and religious state, with a strong influence from its Southern and Western neighbors. The state has some of the strictest laws on abortion, gay rights, alcohol sales, and gambling in the country. It also has some of the lowest rates of diversity, tolerance, and innovation in the nation. If you’re looking for a progressive and cosmopolitan place to live, Oklahoma is not it.

8. The Cities

Oklahoma’s cities are not very exciting or attractive either. The state’s largest city, Oklahoma City, is sprawling and dull, with little to offer in terms of culture, entertainment, or nightlife. The state’s second-largest city, Tulsa, is slightly better, but still lacks charm and character. And the rest of the state’s cities are small and sleepy, with few amenities or attractions.

9. The Bugs

Oklahoma is home to a variety of creepy-crawlies that can make your life miserable. From mosquitoes to ticks to chiggers to scorpions to tarantulas to rattlesnakes to water moccasins, you’ll have plenty of unwanted guests in your backyard or house. And don’t forget about the dust mites and bed bugs that can infest your furniture or bedding. You’ll need a lot of bug spray and antihistamines to survive in Oklahoma.

10. The Boredom

Oklahoma is simply boring. There’s not much to do or see here that will keep you entertained or stimulated. The state has few museums, theaters, festivals, or landmarks to visit. The state has no theme parks, zoos, aquariums, or casinos to enjoy. The state has no nightlife, music, or art scene to explore. The state has no history, culture, or identity to be proud of. Oklahoma is just a bland and mediocre place to live.


Oklahoma is not for everyone. It has many drawbacks and disadvantages that can outweigh its benefits and advantages. Unless you have a strong reason to move here, such as family, work, or love, you might want to reconsider your decision. Oklahoma is not a place where you can thrive and flourish. It’s a place where you can survive and endure.

1Most Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most common questions and answers about living in Oklahoma.

Q: Is Oklahoma a good place to live?

A: Oklahoma is a good place to live for some people, but not for others. It depends on your personal preferences, needs, and goals. Some of the pros of living in Oklahoma are its low cost of living, friendly people, and productive economy. Some of the cons of living in Oklahoma are its extreme weather, high taxes, and poor education.

Q: What is the best city to live in Oklahoma?

A: The best city to live in Oklahoma depends on your criteria and expectations. Some of the most popular and livable cities in Oklahoma are Edmond, Norman, Broken Arrow, Moore, and Stillwater. These cities have low crime rates, high-quality schools, affordable housing, and plenty of amenities and activities.

Q: What is the cheapest city to live in Oklahoma?

A: The cheapest city to live in Oklahoma is Lawton, according to the cost of living index. Lawton has a cost of living that is 18% lower than the national average. Other cheap cities to live in Oklahoma are Enid, Muskogee, Shawnee, and Ardmore.

Q: What is the safest city to live in Oklahoma?

A: The safest city to live in Oklahoma is Piedmont, according to the crime rate. Piedmont has a crime rate that is 84% lower than the national average. Other safe cities to live in Oklahoma are Alva, Lone Grove, Collinsville, and Newcastle.

Q: What is the most dangerous city to live in Oklahoma?

A: The most dangerous city to live in Oklahoma is Tulsa, according to the crime rate. Tulsa has a crime rate that is 117% higher than the national average. Other dangerous cities to live in Oklahoma are Del City, McAlester, Idabel, and Hugo.

Q: What is the best time to visit Oklahoma?

A: The best time to visit Oklahoma is in the spring or fall when the weather is mild and pleasant. The spring offers colorful wildflowers and festivals, while the fall offers scenic foliage and harvest events. The summer can be too hot and humid, while the winter can be too cold and snowy.

Q: What are some fun things to do in Oklahoma?

A: Some fun things to do in Oklahoma are:

  • Visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum
  • Explore the Bricktown entertainment district
  • Experience the cowboy culture at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
  • Learn about Native American history and art at the Gilcrease Museum
  • Enjoy nature and wildlife at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
  • Ride the rapids at the Riversport Adventures
  • See exotic animals at the Tiger Safari Zoological Park
  • Watch a musical performance at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center
  • Discover fossils and dinosaurs at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History
  • Taste local wines at the Grape Ranch

Q: What are some famous people from Oklahoma?

A: Some famous people from Oklahoma are:

  • Will Rogers – actor, humorist, and cowboy
  • Garth Brooks – country music singer and songwriter
  • Brad Pitt – actor and producer
  • Reba McEntire – country music singer and actress
  • Blake Shelton – country music singer and coach on The Voice
  • Carrie Underwood – country music singer and American Idol winner
  • Woody Guthrie – folk singer and songwriter
  • James Garner – actor and producer
  • Bill Hader – comedian and actor
  • Chuck Norris – martial artist and actor

Q: What are some interesting facts about Oklahoma?

A: Some interesting facts about Oklahoma are:

  • Oklahoma is the only state with an official state meal. It consists of fried okra, cornbread, barbecue pork, squash, biscuits, sausage and gravy, grits, corn, strawberries, chicken-fried steak, black-eyed peas, pecan pie.
  • Oklahoma is home to more Native American tribes than any other state. There are 39 federally recognized tribes in Oklahoma.
  • Oklahoma is also known as “The Sooner State”.

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